Audere est facere

The early months are critical for any start-up, and they certainly are for Facctum too. We have been thinking hard about the kind of culture we want at Facctum. In simple words, we are striving for a ‘connected’ culture. Our colleagues, customers, and partners to be always connected. Many exciting steps are being taken to achieve this – none more exciting than the highly talented colleagues already on board and several more in the pipeline, and another equally exciting project is our in-progress office at Vaswani Augusta @ Embassy Golf Links Road in Bengaluru. 

We have had multiple debates on the pros and cons of getting our own office. Do we really need it? In the end, we decided in favour of it because we believe that an office is the ideal setting to learn, contribute, challenge, and produce. Collaboration at all levels is key to building connected culture. We want to motivate rather than mandate. So now we are working hard to create a safe environment where our colleagues can enjoy their work, collaborate with one another, and achieve their objectives as well as those of Facctum. Our office represents a force for unity, stability. positivity, direction, and celebration. We, at Facctum, are passionate about real interactions – we want debates, discussions, and then decisions – all to enable our colleagues as well as Facctum to achieve our full potential. We want to work hard for our customers – we will go to any length for customer success. The design of our office is being done to create a modern setup with a clean and cosy experience. As employees seek greater connection with fellow colleagues and aspire to be part of a cohesive team, we believe that creating more opportunities to engage in team settings, especially for our younger colleagues, will accelerate learning and development for all colleagues at Facctum. When the day is not going well, an office setting can also be immensely helpful for emotional bonding. We will surely have a few of those days! 

We are looking forward to move-in by July 1st – hoping to see our colleagues forge friendships, build relationships, and we invite you to come and experience Facctum at its best at our new Bengaluru location. We have colleagues in Pune and London locations, and these are and will remain strategic locations for Facctum. While we aren’t yet getting our own offices in these locations, we are still as committed to providing an office environment for our colleagues from co-working locations. After all, it is not about the office; it is all about belonging. 

We look forward to welcoming customers, prospects, partners, and of course our current and future Facctum colleagues.

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